Kristal is your experienced and trusted partner who can help you kickstart your supplier diversity program and build a robust and actionable plan. 

She has developed a best practice approach to Indigenous business procurement  for corporates and government organisations, captured in her highly respected book, Supplier Diversity How, and can guide you every step of the way.


Kristal is an expert at bringing people together and connecting executives with the opportunities working with Indigenous businesses can bring to both their organisation and the community. She can help you run strategic alignment sessions, set a clear, powerful vision and build your business case for how you will deliver it.


A key step to turn your business case into action is reviewing your current procurement policy, spend allocation and Indigenous business network. Kristal can work with you to establish where you are today and develop a supplier diversity policy you can deliver. With this in hand, the team will have a clear direction.


Indigenous Participation Plans (IPP) form a key part of the Commonwealth Government's Indigenous Procurement Policy and are an essential requirement for many organisations. Kristal can help you develop your plan, including how you will purchase services, employ and train your people, to meet your compliance targets.


Meet with potential Indigenous business partners through bespoke meet and greet events that fit your organisation and its needs. Kristal can help you design and facilitate meetings with Indigenous business leaders, so they can meet your procurement team and you can start to explore ways you can work together. 


"Kristal uses her expertise in communication to find ways of helping people find their common purpose. She uses her skills and knowledge to build partnerships and bring people closer together. She has a knack of working through challenges respectfully and with ease."

- Aaron Maher, Principal, Nous Group

"Kristal is superbly placed to advise how and why to engage with Indigenous businesses, and the significant economic, innovative social advantages and benefits supplier diversity brings. To work in partnership with Indigenous business leaders such as Kristal Kinsela is a competitive advantage you cannot afford to miss."

- Rebecca Harcourt, Program Manager, Indigenous Business Education UNSW Business School

"Kristal and her business are testament to why all organisations need vigour in their approach to supplier diversity: otherwise, we miss out on opportunities to not only engage with excellent business people with fresh, vibrant and innovative ideas, but also to bring about better outcomes for Aboriginal people to engage in the economic system in real and meaningful ways."

- Paul Kruspe, General Manager, Kinaway



Give your leaders the best chance of success and help them reach their development goals by providing individual and team coaching. Kristal is a qualified and experienced coach who uses her experience as a business leader to help others overcome challenges and embrace their talents.


Engage key stakeholders and get your team ready for change with a 'Supplier Diversity How' or an 'Intro to Unconscious Bias' workshop. All workshops can be tailored to your organisation and are designed to give people the knowledge, confidence and strategies to take action.