I'm your Supplier Diversity Expert

My philosophy 

I believe in the right to self-determination. And I believe that economic empowerment can create opportunities to realise your full potential. The growth of the Indigenous business sector is the way forward to close the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians and overcome the over-representation of Indigenous people in a range of statistics that negatively represent us. 

My purpose is to create meaningful impact through working at the intersection of the Indigenous business sector. I help Corporate and Government Australia increase and grow the capability of Indigenous businesses and support them through my specialist skills to do more business with Indigenous business. 

Supplier Diversity or otherwise known as Indigenous Business Procurement in an Australian Context is my niche. 

Planning, Policy and Implementation

  • Strategic alignment facilitation

  • Indigenous business mapping

  • Indigenous procurement policy development

  • Indigenous business engagement

Internal buy in/Staff Development

  • Unconscious Bias Training

  • Supplier Diversity Masterclasses

  • Supplier Diversity Champion Coaching 

Indigenous Business Capability/Supplier Development

  • Indigenous business mentoring

  • Indigenous business coaching

  • Procurement training

  • Bespoke business development training 


"Kristal uses her expertise in communication to find ways of helping people find their common purpose. She uses her skills and knowledge to build partnerships and bring people closer together. She has a knack of working through challenges respectfully and with ease."

Aaron Maher, Principal, Nous Group


"I have known Kristal for over 10 years and have seen her grow for the start of her career in education to owning her own business.

Kristal has always been hard working, fearless and approachable in her approach to life and work, ensuring success in all that she does.

33 Creative has worked with Kristal on the Walan Mayinygu Business Innovation Pop Up Hubs which toured four locations in regional NSW, taking business expertise to community.

Kristal was responsible for the roll out of two of these hubs, ensuring the business experience was valuable and enjoyable to all that attended."

Mayrah Sonter, Director, 33 Creative

'I've known and collaborated with Kristal for over 5 years across several initiatives, projects and programs. I have always valued her energy, determination, knowledge and success as a trailblazer at the forefront of the Indigenous Business sector.

 As this book will illustrate, Kristal is superbly placed to advise how and why to engage with Indigenous businesses, and the significant economic, innovative social advantages and benefits supplier diversity brings to all parties.

 In our rapidly changing global environment the opportunity to learn from and work in true partnership with Indigenous business leaders such as Kristal Kinsela-Christie is a competitive advantage you cannot afford to miss."

Rebecca Harcourt, Program Manager, Indigenous Business Education UNSW Business School, UNSW Sydney

"Kinsela-Christie and her business are testament to why all organisations need vigour in their approach to supplier diversity: otherwise, we miss out on opportunities to not only engage with excellent business people with fresh, vibrant and innovative ideas, but also to bring about better outcomes for Aboriginal people to engage in the economic system in real and meaningful ways."

Paul Kruspe, General Manager, Kinaway


"Kristal Kinsela is a dynamic and hardworking woman. She is determined and passionate in all projects that she engages with. Having worked with her for over six years as a colleague, as a teacher, as a researcher, I value Kristal's drive and

consistency most of all. I was at the beginning of Kristal's journey of setting up her business, watching it grow

to a nationwide professional services company. Kristal is a trusted advisor in the indigenous business sector and a true champion of Indigenous business leadership and excellence."

Dr Michelle Evans, Associate Professor of Leadership, Program Director MURRA Indigenous Business Master Class Program

"I have known and worked with Kristal through our association with Supply Nation for more than 5 years.

Kristal has been instrumental in the re-design, roll-out and ongoing facilitation of Supply Nation's key training package — First Step. Kristal has great insight and knowledge on Supplier Diversity, and its application in Australia. She is able to bring her own personal insights into the training she delivers expertly complementing the theory and strategy that underpins Supplier Diversity implementation across Supply Nation's membership."

Laura Berry, Chief Executive Officer, Supply Nation


"I had the pleasure of working with Kristal on a project that needed two teams of people from different companies and very different cultural backgrounds to come together under a joint venture.

Kristal facilitated the sessions with absolute professionalism and empathy, resulting in a very successful joint venture.

I have known Kristal personally for many years and I have enjoyed watching this young smart indigenous woman grow into a fantastic leader and role model for all women."

4M Mark Coleman, Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Services Group Holdings Pty Ltd